Anglican Communion

The Anglican Communion has offices all over the world, and with no master brand assets available their logo was often badly recreated and inconsistently used. Their website contains a vast amount of content and resources and featured navigation that simply wasn't fit for purpose.

Anglican Communion Logo Construction

Modernising a complex, dated site

The existing site was a challenge to navigate with particularly inconsistent secondary navigation. Our redesign of the website header, hero section and footer was focused on enhancing site navigation, making more of their engaging images of church events and applying the refreshed brand assets.

Website development by Zebedee Creations.

The Anglican Communion website before the updates

Previous site

Very complex and visually outdated.

The Anglican Communion website before the updates

Redesigned site

Refreshed branding, simplified for clarity and ease of navigation.



MXT create realistic, immersive and captivating virtual reality and mixed reality experiences for their clients for training, education and consultation purposes.

Unicorn Petroleum

Unicorn Petroleum has a growing retail network and is quickly establishing itself as a trusted leader in Ghana’s downstream oil sector.

Ladybird Logistics

Ladybird Logistics is a Ghanaian logistics company and the first globally to operate solely with female truck drivers.

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