Zen Petroluem

ZEN is a leading supplier of fuels and lubricants to mines and a major retail supplier in Ghana. ZEN was recently named in the Financial Times' list of Africa's Fastest Growing companies in 2022.

Less corporate with an increased consumer focus

Zen's previous site was focussed on the supply of fuel and lubricants to the mining industry. After entering the consumer market with a rapidly expanding network of retail stations, Zen's website needed to keep up. The new design gives more prominence to the retail side of the business with a fresh design championing their staff.

ZEN pre 2018 Website
Pre 2018 Original ZEN site with previous branding
ZEN 2018 Website by SWB
2018 SWB Design with new branding
ZEN 2020 Website Design
2020 Refreshed design with new navigation structure

Simplifying the site navigation

The new site had 50% more pages of content, so the previous navigation structure was no longer fit for purpose. We restructured the site into key sections and introduced sub-pages. The navigation was then presented to the user via a fly-in drawer, which enabled all links to be visible, visually reinforcing the site structure.



MXT create realistic, immersive and captivating virtual reality and mixed reality experiences for their clients for training, education and consultation purposes.

Ladybird Logistics

Ladybird Logistics is a Ghanaian logistics company and the first globally to operate solely with female truck drivers.

Institute for Practitioners in Advertising

The Institute for Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) is the professional body for advertising, media and marketing agencies in the UK.

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