arColony was created to explore our relationship with the micro-organic realm through aesthetics, research and design. Founder Steve Pike is an architect and artist working in the field of component fabrication and installation environments.

Rebranding and launching a new site

Steve needed a platform to share his work with arColony beyond the exhibitions he has held in numerous countries. arColony fuses the natural world with architecture, so we designed an identity that had a structure, but was also unconventional in form. The design also helps to pronounce a challenging name.

“Steve’s approach to creating a logo and website for my company arColony was exemplary; full of innovative ideas, collaborative and thorough. Working through options to reach the final design was a pleasure, his clear explanation of the mechanics behind the visual design assisted my understanding of how the website works too. I’ve recommended his talents to colleagues without hesitation.”


Intriguing and unusual

The site design shows off the unusual and intriguing imagery for each project. The page layouts play with scale and alignment, visually reinforcing the branding and linking to micro-organisms themselves. However, they are all still cohesive and unified by a grid.


Anglican Communion

The Anglican Communion is one of the world’s largest and most diverse Christian communities. Eighty-five million people in over 165 countries call themselves Anglicans.

Zen Petroleum

ZEN is a leading supplier of fuels and lubricants to mines and a major retail supplier in Ghana. ZEN was recently named in the Financial Times' list of Africa's Fastest Growing companies in 2022.


MXT create realistic, immersive and captivating virtual reality and mixed reality experiences for their clients for training, education and consultation purposes.

What’s next for your business?

If your business could progress with a new logo, website or print communications, please drop me a short email to introduce yourself and we can discuss how we can work together.