Olsights is a clean energy data visualisation and application developer. They create tools to equip energy decision makers with essential insights to understand and assess the impact of decarbonisation projects. In late 2023, I helped Olsights refine and develop their visual identity, and also restructured and redesigned their website.

A refined, versatile logo to be proud of

The new Olsights logo features a refined icon and updated, lighter weight logotype. We also updated the colour palette to not only visually link to the map styling within the Olsights Eye app, but also represent clean energy and the transition to net-zero energy. A full suite of master logos were also designed to support Olsights many varied communication needs.

Extending Olsights visual identity with brand photography

To support app screenshots in Olsights brand communications, we sourced a set of photographic images to visualise sustainable energy solutions and connection to the electricity grid. The images represent the network grid along with various forms of power generation including solar, wind and tidal. Each image heavily features colours and hues from the brand colour palette to further reinforce the Olsights brand.

Designing a modern, easy to use website

Olsights previous site had a lot of great content, but it wasn't organised well and the site didn't work well across phones and tablets. We started by updating the navigation structure and reorganising content to make it much easier to learn about Olsights services and their benefits.

Olsights website home page for desktop

Bringing all of the brand elements together

Refreshed the brand typography and our updated colour palette freshen and enhance the clean, modern design of the site. Introducing more (and larger) screenshots demonstrate the capabilities of the app, which are complimented with brand photography to help clients visualise the outcome.


Strand on the Green Junior School

Without a set of master logos, or even one that included the full school name, communications were visually inconsistent and often featured a different logo.

Harmony Kauneushoitola

Harmony is a renowned beauty salon located in Oulu, Finland. I collaborated with Mike Greenlees on this project to redesign and build Harmony's website using Webflow, introducing numerous UI and UX enhancements.


MXT create realistic, immersive and captivating virtual reality and mixed reality experiences for their clients for training, education and consultation purposes.

What’s next for your business?

If your business could progress with a new logo, a new website or better print communications, please drop me a short email to introduce yourself and we can discuss how we can work together.