Strand on the Green Junior School

Local West London primary Strand on the Green Junior School asked me to help streamline the school brand assets to compliment updates to the school values. Without a set of master logos, or even one that included the full school name, communications were visually inconsistent and often featured a different logo.

Spirited, Scholarly, Supportive

The previous school emblem featured a very condensed S with a swan intertwined. The idea was there but the execution didn't read well at smaller sizes. I redrew the S and designed a new swan to reflect a new strapline; Spirited, Scholarly, Supportive. The swan was integrated into the S, resulting in a more versatile emblem that communicates better.

Strand Juniors Uniform Polo ShirtStrand Juniors Uniform Jumper

Six core principles to define the School

A set of principle logos were designed to feature type around the new Strand icon. By including the school icon in the logo designs the principles are visually linked to the school brand and their importance in school communications such as the parent handbook and prospectus is increased.

Handbook Spread


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