Harmony Kauneushoitola

Harmony is a renowned beauty salon located in Oulu, Finland. Their previous site was dated and a more modern approach was needed. I collaborated with Mike Greenlees on this project to redesign and build Harmony's website using Webflow, introducing numerous UI and UX enhancements.

Harmony's previous site was no longer fit for purpose

The old site (shown below) had many flaws, including copy with inconsistent formatting, often displayed in large blocks with long line lengths. The site also wasn't set up well to work on responsive layouts on mobiles and devices.

The design process

Starting with low-fidelity wireframes we restructured content to increase the amount of photography used and to make the site easier to navigate. Our process also explored image styles, typography and the application of the Harmony brand colour palette.

Harmony website treatment page hero section design

An elegant, beautiful new site

Clean, modern, photography-driven hero sections lead each page. All content is now presented in short blocks with subheadings and plenty of supporting imagery to enhance the Harmony brand. Plenty of in-page links and restructured gift voucher form and price list make the site to work better, especially on phones and devices.

Harmony website home page hero section design
Harmony website treatment page hero section design

Enhancing the Gift Voucher form

Ordering a gift voucher is now a lot easier with the redesigned form. We introduced suggested price buckets for the amount and restructured the form into three simple steps.

Harmony website treatment page hero section design

Simplifying the Price List

Harmony's price list includes seven categories of services, and within those there are numerous options available for their clients. To make it faster and easier to find the information visitors are looking for the list was simplified into open/close drawers and a button was included to enable users to click straight through to the Booking page.


Strand on the Green Junior School

Without a set of master logos, or even one that included the full school name, communications were visually inconsistent and often featured a different logo.


arColony was created by architect Steve Pike to explore our relationship with the micro-organic realm through aesthetics, research and design.

Anglican Communion

The Anglican Communion is one of the world’s largest and most diverse Christian communities. Eighty-five million people in over 165 countries call themselves Anglicans.

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